The need and motivation for following SOLID Design Principles

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Most of you have lived a day when you are greeted at your desk by the morning refreshing breeze(air wick), and a few have smelt it turning pungent at the sight of bugs raised. You take a few sips of coffee while shallow debugging just enough to conclude, “This is easy, couple of line changes and it would work like a charm!”. In the following Stand-Up, you face the grinning QA and declare a good and lavish 8 hours for the fix in front of…

Thought-provoking thoughts

Have you ever wondered, if there would exist a higher dimension, in addition to the so-called X, Y, and Z dimensions? Have you ever felt how weird or amazing our lives would be if the universe had (has) a few more spatial dimensions? I know there are a lot of sci-fi movies that elaborate on the existence of the fourth dimension, but don’t you feel there could be a fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension? Wait, is it going to be infinite of them? Well, there was a situation when physicists decided to apply a postulated theory on both big (extremely…

Why Google Camera?

Here are some comparisons between the two:

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Vignesh Pai

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