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TLDR; Identify the symptoms of bad code and understand their cause: Rigidity, Fragility, Non Reusability.

Most of you have lived a day when you are greeted at your desk by the morning refreshing breeze(air wick), and a few have smelt it turning pungent at the sight of bugs raised. You take a few sips of coffee while shallow debugging just enough to conclude, “This is easy, couple of line changes and it would work like a charm!”. In the following Stand-Up, you face the grinning QA and declare a good and lavish 8 hours for the fix in front of…

This is very well said! We all have felt the advantage of just starting out completing tasks with no expectations, it took this article for me to realise the power of now: start immediately!

(Part 1/2)

This post(s) is an attempt to present the contrasting differences between several Creational Design Patterns in layman terms.

- Purpose of Design Patterns, (checkout)
- Familiarity with SOLID Design Principles (checkout)
- The patterns covered here are not bound to any programming language, this blog will not be containing any code snippet but only class diagrams. (how to class diagrams)

What are Creational Design Patterns?

Creational Design Patterns deal with object creation mechanisms, trying to increase efficiency, code reuse, and flexibility.

What are the different Creational Design Patterns?

  • Factory Method
  • Abstract Factory
  • Builder
  • Prototype
  • Singleton

Factory Method


Creational design patterns are all about creating new objects. In our case, let us consider the…

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The origins of Design Patterns

Back in the 90s, object-oriented programming was the talk of the town. The programmers were bejewelling their codebase with superclasses, virtual functions, and complicated inheritance. Not coincidentally, the programmers often ran into trouble given the limitations of then programming languages.

It was the “Gang of Four” who first introduced the idea of Design Patterns. The GoF were inspired by the concept of architectural patterns (yes, namespace: civil) that defined a language for town planning. The window dimensions, levels in a building, parks in the neighborhood, etc. were the important aspects of town planning.

The book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable…

Thought-provoking thoughts

Have you ever wondered, if there would exist a higher dimension, in addition to the so-called X, Y, and Z dimensions? Have you ever felt how weird or amazing our lives would be if the universe had (has) a few more spatial dimensions? I know there are a lot of sci-fi movies that elaborate on the existence of the fourth dimension, but don’t you feel there could be a fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension? Wait, is it going to be infinite of them? Well, there was a situation when physicists decided to apply a postulated theory on both big (extremely…

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